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Vraagprijs € 1800


Vanwege ander werk biedt ik bij deze mijn webshop voor wietzaadjes te koop aan. Het gaat om de domeinen



Tekst op de pagina:

The rich Dutch smoking heritage and our love for weed has led to decades of experience in cannabis genetics, resulting in high quality, prize winning strains.

Our Story
Our home base is in the Netherlands, and needless to say, we love weed. We believe that this beautiful plant should be available to whoever wants to enjoy its natural high, because weed is awesome.

Fortunately, the current views on both the cultivation and the use of marijuana are rapidly changing around the world. Cannabis laws are being decriminalized or even liberated, leading to an ever growing group of people who now have the possibility to enjoy any strain of weed they desire. In line with this changing world view, we would like to contribute in our own way to this relaxing freedom by supplying fellow-smokers with their very own fairly priced cannabis seeds, because we believe that it's everyone's personal right to get high if he or she wishes to do so. We provide our best deal services by taking only a marginal cut on your seeds. So please check out our website, spread the word, and buy your very own seeds of choice right here!

Trust us, we'll grow on you!

Het betreft een volledige geautomatiseerde webshop inclusief 'back-office' die automatisch facturen aanmaakt, een tracking systeem om klanten op de hoogte te stellen van hun order en waarmee je eenvoudig inhoud en opmaak kunt wijzigen.

Prijs € 1800
Categorie Domeinnamen
Geplaatst op 19 november 2019
Verloopdatum 23 november 2019
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